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Reunions on Demand is available in two formats: Reunion Manager Professional and Reunion Committee Manager. Reunion Manager Professional is designed for the Professional Reunion Manager planning multiple reunions each year. Reunion Committee Manager is designed for the classmate or Reunion Committee that is planning their own reunion and would like to have access to some of the tools that professionals use.

 Reunion Manager Professional

ROD Reunion Manager Professional is a revolutionary new product designed to manage both the front and back office tasks for the Professional Reunion Manager. Whether you work from home and plan 10-15 reunions a year, or have a full office team and manage 100+ reunions in multiple locations, ROD Reunion Manager Professional is a must have tool!

Below you will find a list of benefits and features that we're hoping will wet your appetite for more information. As we're constantly reviewing customer feedback and making improvements to the software, this page has been designed to give you a taste of some of the things that we think you might want to see. For a more detailed look at the software, please allow us to provide you with a personal demo.

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 Reunion Committee Manager
Coming soon. Projected launch will be late 2014 in time for the 2015 reunion season! Please check back for more details.

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